Assaracus Issue 16: A Journal of Gay Poetry


I have a a whopping 8 poems in the latest issue of Assaracus!


This issue is pretty awesome and I hope you stop by and visit page 72.

Issue 16 of Assaracus: A Journal of Gay Poetry (ISSN: 2159-0478) features work by some of my favorite poets including Glenn Phillips, Dustin Brookshire, Michael Walsh, Philip F. Clark, Guillermo Filice Castro, Robert Siek, Carl Miller Daniels, Joseph Ross, Eric Norris, Jeremy Brunger, Rob Jacques, Raymond Luczak, Russell Bungé, George Klawitter, D. Gilson, Christopher Hennessy, Collin Kelley, John Brooks, Adam McGee, Jean-Marie de la Trinité, Sam Sax, David Bergman, Korey Williams, Matthew Hittinger, Stephen S. Mills, Brent Calderwood, Roberto F. Santiago, Chuck Willman, Eric Nguyen, Ross Robbins, Walter Beck, Carlton Fisher, Vytautas Pliura, Danez Smith, Walt Whitman, and Joseph Harker. Edited by Bryan Borland and Seth Pennington of Sibling Rivalry Press.

IMG_3356 Get your copy today on Amazon!!!

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