According to Rigoberto González and the LA Times: Angel Park is among the ESSENTIAL new books by Latinx poets! So TAKE THAT, LILY WHITE CANON! Many people seem to think that this country is one of binaries: Black|White Male|Female Us|Them I hate that. So should you.Lists like Rigoberto’s demonstrate that there is grey, and brown and red, and yellow, […]

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falling out of

What would happen if, as we walked along the shore rocks, I just fell in? What if by fell I mean jumped? Would you follow me down the rabbit hole or ask for help? And when you asked for help (which I am sure you would) would you stand there watching me become bubbles until someone walked by […]

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he has mistress eyes

Feb 14, 2014 roberto f. santiago: he has mistress eyes From the the distance of a fourth wall he flutter-paints eyes that masterpiece, forcing you to avert your own, fully aware your mistress’ eyes are something like the sun. His mouth, with gold-lace interwoven formed into a whimper, a sum of hyperbole and he is […]

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Feb 14, 2014 roberto f. santiago: merboy His mouth is the plié of a sitar. It cinderblocks: smoke, and cinders. Melting under the spell of votives sweet-icing, thick like vanilla: split up the middle of MacArthur after midnight. We bathe under the gaze of a not quite full moon. Merlot-lipped Merboy, shadow-sheer smile, black like bible-ink, […]

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the wasted land (pulse)

Feb 13, 2014 roberto santiago and dana jaye: the wasted land (pulse) “Poem” is the first word at the tip of her finger, a pile of copper found in pennies and wires in a squat Her stare was vacant-neon above an empty lot the window her dressing, nostalgia in knots. Antique-body, plaid-voices brogue, timber, and […]

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selfies in ink

selfies in ink is an online journal of text selfiies. self-portraiture in writing. the “selfie” is a mode by which the author becomes the subject of their “own” work. selfies in ink is an online space where those works are performed, framed and published, a place for self-centered verse and micro nonfiction lyric essay. selfie poems and […]

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the very last day

Jan 10, 2014 roberto santiago: the very last day I miss afternoons spent staring up from a picnic into petals & plumes that puffed across the lapis above us until shards of glass forced us to squint and giggle, fighting off the advances of pigeons and seagulls on the sand.       I never […]

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Jan 10, 2014 roberto santiago: acquiesce I am so tired of being strong It’s always expected. Granted taken for long walks into winter frost. Snow-tire black boot crunched evergreen needle in slush, and rock-salt is not edible. I want to be a burden. Those saying otherwise are liars with oafish faces so fuck `em! Bearable […]

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