Spring Fever

I have two readings in two different states, in ONE day. #worldtour 4PM: Montclair State University “Live Lit” Montclair State University is fortunate to claim outstanding faculty-writers as our own. Our poets, dramatists, novelists, memoirists, and writers of other genres are published locally, nationally, and even internationally, and because of the multitude of writers we’re […]

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Breathalyzer (from Hypothetical Review, Issue 2) Today, I will find mom in her rose garden. Pretending to be two smashed strawberries hiding behind a not-so-white picket fence, I will lie next to her. Underneath our orange blossom sky, her face is soft and red. Her hair is hay or dead grass. Golden straw, newly spun. Keys glitter […]

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¡Canta Coqui, Canta!

¡Canta Coqui, Canta! [from Hypothetical Review, Issue 2] On a bed made of too many pillows Mi Abuelita sits up and nibbles into English. Stories of Arecibo without street lamps, without time, without roofs and first kisses on montañas alta spin as a documentary on tree frogs glows at the foot of the bed, a bowl of […]

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Que Crean Lo Que Quieran

From Gingerbread House Literary Magazine Volume 5 (February 2014) A Reimagined-Translation of “Dicen Que Soy” by La India For Elba The curse of some lonely witch Suspended above her cauldron-glow. An oar in her hands to paddle the wish. A witch, the complexion of garlic; peeled and crushed. An obsession that bleeds out of and into your […]

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he has mistress eyes

Feb 14, 2014 roberto f. santiago: he has mistress eyes From the the distance of a fourth wall he flutter-paints eyes that masterpiece, forcing you to avert your own, fully aware your mistress’ eyes are something like the sun. His mouth, with gold-lace interwoven formed into a whimper, a sum of hyperbole and he is […]

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Feb 14, 2014 roberto f. santiago: merboy His mouth is the plié of a sitar. It cinderblocks: smoke, and cinders. Melting under the spell of votives sweet-icing, thick like vanilla: split up the middle of MacArthur after midnight. We bathe under the gaze of a not quite full moon. Merlot-lipped Merboy, shadow-sheer smile, black like bible-ink, […]

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the wasted land (pulse)

Feb 13, 2014 roberto santiago and dana jaye: the wasted land (pulse) “Poem” is the first word at the tip of her finger, a pile of copper found in pennies and wires in a squat Her stare was vacant-neon above an empty lot the window her dressing, nostalgia in knots. Antique-body, plaid-voices brogue, timber, and […]

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Feminism is not about making all women the same. Nor is it a means for imposing silence upon people that express themselves in ways that we do not agree with. Feminism is a tool we need in order to enact change in ourselves. ‪#‎agency‬ ‪#‎iWOKEupLIKEthis‬ #beyonce #feminism #feminist #***flawless #B #azealia banks

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