You Know I’m No Good

I miss Amy. She was my honeycombwhiskey poet from the moment my ears laid eyes on her voice. Last weekend, I welcomed in my new year with a rendition of the song that remind me of the days writing poetry in my bronx bathtub with Amy singing from my sink. Check out my performance from The […]

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The Problem with HIV-Prevention

(appears in English Kills Review) In the semester before entering Grad School, I worked as a youth mentor for an HIV/AIDS organization in downtown New York City. This position required outreach, fieldwork, knowledge, and comfort within queer communities of color, as well as group facilitation (all of which were within my wheelhouse). The organization’s mission […]

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Songs of the Week(end)

BeyoncĂ© – Blow  Only listen to this if you are prepared to enter a Donna Summer “love-to-love-you” state of sensuality. Remember, “PINK is the answer…SOLVE THE RIDDLE.” #FijaciĂłnOral #Pharrell #Timbaland Lady GaGa – Do What U Want (feat. Christina Aguilera) Gold LamĂ© ecstasy. The gravel in their voices is pseudo-lesbian Xanadu. I would say more…but I’d […]

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selfies in ink

selfies in ink is an online journal of text selfiies. self-portraiture in writing. the “selfie” is a mode by which the author becomes the subject of their “own” work. selfies in ink is an online space where those works are performed, framed and published, a place for self-centered verse and micro nonfiction lyric essay. selfie poems and […]

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the very last day

Jan 10, 2014 roberto santiago: the very last day I miss afternoons spent staring up from a picnic into petals & plumes that puffed across the lapis above us until shards of glass forced us to squint and giggle, fighting off the advances of pigeons and seagulls on the sand.       I never […]

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Jan 10, 2014 roberto santiago: acquiesce I am so tired of being strong It’s always expected. Granted taken for long walks into winter frost. Snow-tire black boot crunched evergreen needle in slush, and rock-salt is not edible. I want to be a burden. Those saying otherwise are liars with oafish faces so fuck `em! Bearable […]

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notes at a poetry reading

Nov 17, 2013 roberto santiago: notes at a poetry reading Though their mouths don’t move, their brows unfurl, raise, and become impressed. I fight myself awake. Raise my weapon.Turn the page. Think about the lines that never made it out from of the wastebasket. The tin filled with fists, declarations of war, and key-changes. However, […]

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requiem for summer

Nov 1, 2013 roberto santiago: requiem for summer PapĂ­ playing dominoes with the other fathers. MamĂ­ and the other women swapping bochinche for recipes and “remember when” stories. As a little Puerto Rican Boy growing up in the Bronx there were several traditions that the summer sun inspired: My bike and the closed-to-traffic Concourse stretching […]

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