Songs of the Week(end)

Only listen to this if you are prepared to enter a Donna Summer “love-to-love-you” state of sensuality. Remember, “PINK is the answer…SOLVE THE RIDDLE.”
#FijaciónOral #Pharrell #Timbaland
Gold Lamé ecstasy. The gravel in their voices is pseudo-lesbian Xanadu. I would say more…but I’d rather listen to it, be blonde, and sip Prosecco to the throbbing beat that makes the track tasty.
I am still embarrassed that this is on the list…but it is a good chune that will have you wiggling the Elvis parts of your body.
If late 90’s freestyle and Nina Sky had a EDM fuzed make-out session… with a little over the sweater action, this song would be that moment. I want to go dance just as I type this.
This song make me what to smile. And cry. And throw things while waving my hand in the air as if at church…or a ball during a dedication to Leyomi’s status as a Legendary child of the Vogue scene.
FINALLY! The Nicki of old is back! She sounds like a mixtape: hungry, dirty, an animal that freshly emerged for the Lil’ Kim sexploitation archives. That is what had me fall in love with her. Gutter. Vengeful. A Twerkable Offense
Her voice makes me want to sing. To cry out all the things I wish I could change about  the world. My Life. Me. I also have the urge to wear the tackiest Flamenco dress with polka dots and ruffles; swirling, clapping, and STOMPING around the city like a spectral flamingo.

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