According to Rigoberto González and the LA Times:
Angel Park is among the ESSENTIAL new books by Latinx poets!


Many people seem to think that this country is one of binaries:
I hate that. So should you.Lists like Rigoberto’s demonstrate that there is grey, and brown and red, and yellow, and a multiverse of many more colours and shades to be explored.

Also, as a small victory, my book is on a list with CINDY CRUZ and Martín Espada!
Why is this very important? Cindy was the first poet that told me to I had something special in my writing…in my first poetry workshop at Sarah Lawrence! She told me to go for it. And I did (so it is all her fault). And Espada is an F’n rockstar of a poet to me so…again TAKE THAT, LILY WHITE CANON! ¡WEPAAAA!

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